My Projects

I’ve spent most of my life pursuing ideas.

Ideas are magical because they have the power to become things. But ideas can only become things when acted on, and unfortunately (as I’m sure you’ve experienced too) there always seem to be more ideas than time to develop them!

Thus, the projects I am working on now are the result of ideas that started, in some cases, when I was just a child (writing a book, for example). Other projects are the result of fairly recent inspiration (such as the mission behind Instant Freedom). I guess the lesson I’ve learned is to never give up on the ideas you really care about, no matter how long they take to bring to fruition. The reward is that much greater; the satisfaction that much sweeter.

Here are some of my companies and causes. If any of them sound interesting to you, I’d love to connect!

Pazaz is a multi-media marketing and advertising company, and the parent company of Pazaz Press, a publishing imprint. If you are looking to promote yourself or your business with cutting-edge, results-based tactics, Pazaz is your perfect partner in crime. Whether it’s publishing your own book or leveraging the incredible power of video marketing, we develop solutions that put you on the map. Pazaz is the agency for folks who don’t do agencies!

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Locally-owned businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. Dollars spent at franchises and big box retailers drain your local economy, and contribute to vacancy rates and blight on Main Street USA. The mission of Crushing it LOCAL is to help local businesses CRUSH their corporate competition by sharing radically-effective marketing strategies that cost little or nothing to implement.

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Instant Freedom
The scourge of our time is human trafficking. Slavery, sex trafficking, and forced labor in all its forms is the antithesis of freedom. The fight for personal freedom is the most important battleground of humanity, but it can not be won with outrage or good intentions alone. Instant Freedom is the result of my quest to mix entrepreneurship with activism—with the mission to save those who can’t save themselves.

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As America’s original “Boom Town", Rochester, NY has a rich and storied past. It also has a bright and hopeful future as an urban oasis. Downtown ROCs! develops and supports projects that add to the energy and vibrancy of Downtown Rochester. Our mission is to help Rochester realize it’s true potential as “The Greatest City You’ve Never Seen".

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A sister project of DowntownROCs, The 585 is an initiative to highlight and document the incredible beauty, diversity and quality of life in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region (encompassed largely by the 585 area code). This effort is supported by a popular blog (, as well as one of the most followed Twitter accounts in the Rochester area.